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At Precious Stars we’re experts on reusable cloth pads. Thats why we’ve developed two ranges of them to suit all needs! 

Cloth sanitary pads are a great alternative to disposable pads. Super easy to use, clean and store. No matter how light or heavy your period is, we have something for you. Plus if taken care of correctly our pads will last around 10 years. Think of how much money you could save!

Our Sparkle range are manufactured in the UK, are made from high quality materials and are super trim. Perfect for those who like to be able to forget they are wearing a pad! 

Our Budget range are suitable for those just starting out, or who have a tight budget to stick to. Even though these are made in China, we purchase from a factory that pay’s a fair wage to their workers, and uses good quality fabrics. 

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How every order helps to change lives...

Not only do our pads make periods better for you, they also make periods better for women and girls across the globe in Nepal. We donate 1% of our total sales to an amazing charity called Empowerment Collective.

They do incredible work supporting marginalised and abused women in Nepal, by giving them a job producing sustainable products. 

One of the products they manufacture are cloth pad kits that are distributed to local school girls, to help them stay in education. The packs are given out at workshops which the charity put on to educate the girls about their bodies, and give them factual information about periods. 

To learn more about the incredible work they do please visit our “About Us” Page.

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What our customers say

Super fast delivery, great range of products. Definitely recommend ordering with precious stars.
Claire Cartan, customer
This is my second time ordering from Precious stars, the pads are beautiful and high quality, the shipping is quick and the customer service is great! I shall definitely be ordering from this shop again 🙂
Aylin B, customer
Wish I'd found out about reusable pads years ago just placed my second order a couple of days ago ill never go back to wearing disposable plastic pads xx
Toni Carter, customer

How we started

Precious Stars was started by our CEO Bryony in 2013. At the time she was just 15yrs old and housebound with Lyme disease. This was when she first started using reusable menstrual products, and soon after decided to develop her own range of cloth pads with an improved design, as well as start a YouTube channel.

The business started with an old sewing machine and a webcam. Today we have two factories producing our products, a YouTube channel with over 135,000 subscribers, and wonderful customers all over the world! Our aim is to make periods as fun and eco friendly as possible for everyone that menstruates.

Happy Periods!