Cleaning cloth pads

There are a couple of ways to clean cloth pads, this is the way we recommend because it’s the easiest:

  • Fold soiled pad in half (do not do up poppers) and place in a large wet bag.  
  • Do this until the end of your period (or until you get low on pads), then empty the wet bag into your washing machine and throw the bag in too.
  • Do a cold rinse cycle first , then add some laundry detergent of your choice. Note: if you want to minimise staining then add some oxygen cleaner (like vanish) as well. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER!
  • Put the pads on a long 40ºC wash and air dry them once they are done spinning. We don’t recommend tumble drying them as this can reduce the lifespan of your pads.

Extra tip: It’s a good idea to give your pads an extra rinse at the end of the wash every once in a while. This will help stop a build up of detergent, which may make the pads less absorbent over time.