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Yellow Pantyliner – Cloth Pad


Yellow Pantyliner - Cloth Pad 01041

These pantyliners are 7″ long, 3″ wide when snapped on the first snap, 2.75″ wide when snapped on the second snap and can hold a light flow. They’re constructed like so:

Top: Absorbent fleece

Inner core: Microfiber terry

Backing: PUL

All our budget cloth pads and liners have a layer of PUL that covers the whole pad to ensure you have no leaks.

These pantyliners are perfect for use on your lighter days, or as backup to a menstrual cup or tampon. You wear the pantyliner with the bamboo charcoal fleece against your skin, and the side with the label against your underwear.

We reccomend you wash all our pads a few times before use to help them absorb the menstrual blood faster.

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