Will I have to pay a customs charge?

People buying from outside the EU may have to pay a customs charge, depending on the size of your order. Generally we find that small orders arrive without the need to pay a customs charge, but if you place a larger order then you may need to pay. The customs charge will depend on the percentage amount your country charges.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

We always aim to ship oders as fast as we can, as we know you are keen to get them as soon as possible! Here are the rough timescales for each area we ship to:

(Please note these are all estimates, it may take less or more time depending on the time of year, and your country’s customs process)


1-2 days

Europe (EU)

1-2 weeks

International (excluding Austraila and New Zealand)

2-3 weeks

Austraila and New Zealand

3-4 weeks

We have noticed that orders to Mexico and South Africa can sometimes take 6-8 weeks to arrive, because of the customs process. We would alway recomend using tracking when buying from these places.

How much will shipping cost?

This will depend on how much you order, and also where you live.


Less than 100g = £1
Over 100g = £2
UK and Ireland 24hr Tracked = £5

(all UK orders over £30 get free shipping)

Europe (EU)

Less than 100g = £3.30
100g-250g = £3.99
Over 250g = £5.50

International (excluding Australia and New Zealand)

Less than 100g = £3.99
100g-250g = £4.99
Over 250g = £7.50

International Tracked

Less than 100g = £8.50
100g-250g = £9.99
Over 250g = £12.50

Australia and New Zealand (no tracking)

Less than 100g = £4.20
100g-250g= £5.20
Over 250g = £8.45

Where do we ship to?

We have shipped to places all over the globe, however we no longer ship to Mexico due to a large number of orders going missing.