Summer, Sheep and Swans starter kit

£19.99 (including £0.00 VAT)

This Sparkle pads trial kit is perfect for anyone interested in using cloth pads, and wanting to try our luxury range. The sparkle range are our top quality pads, which are also ethically manufactured in the UK. The kit comes with:

1 Pantyliner

1 Moderate pad

1 Heavy pad

The top layer is a fun, breathable and colourful cotton print, and the backing is black fleece which stops the pads moving around (although we do recommend you wear snug fitting underwear too). There is also a hidden layer of waterproofing for added peace of mind.

You wear the pad with the label side against your underwear (black fleece), and you bleed on the cotton side.

We recommend you wash all our pads a few times before use to help them absorb the menstrual blood faster.

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Claire Joyce Lovell
4.0 rating

Comfortable, pretty, large capacity, almost perfect

I bought a starter set about 6 months ago, along with a wet bag and one extra panty-liner pad. Those four pads are not quite enough to see me through my entire period, but very nearly! (I’m planning to buy another panty-liner and medium pad soon.) The long and medium pads have a surprisingly large capacity, and they don’t feel wet or uncomfortable even when they are getting full. They have never leaked at all, even when extremely full – except where the “precious stars” label is sown onto the back of one of the wings. When the pad is getting full and menstrual fluid reaches the label, the fluid seeps through it, and then slowly dampens the underwear the pad is wrapped around. This isn’t a major problem, but I would recommend using underwear you don’t mind getting a little stained. On the other hand, you could also just change the pad before it is quite full – but it’s a litte frustrating that the capacity of the pads is reduced by this small design flaw.
All in all, I love using these cloth pads, and I’m satisfied enough to keep shopping here.

November 1, 2021