Purple Overnight - Cloth Pad

£4.45 (including £0.00 VAT)

These overnight/postpartum cloth pads are 13" long, 3" wide when snapped on the first setting, 2.75" wide when snapped on the second setting and can hold a very heavy flow. They're constructed like so:

Top: Absorbent fleece

Inner core: Microfiber terry

Backing: PUL

All our budget cloth pads have a layer of PUL that covers the whole pad to ensure you have no leaks.

These pads are perfect for overnight use and can also be used by people who need more coverage on a heavy day. You wear the pad with bamboo charcoal fleece against your skin, and the side with the label against your underwear.

We recommend you wash the pads a few times before use to help them absorb the menstrual blood faster.

Pads for Empowerment

We give 1% of our total sales every month to an incredible charity called Empowerment Collective (the more you buy, the more we give!). This is a charity that supports vulnerable women and girls in Nepal by providing them with skills training, and a safe place to live. They also do one-day menstrual health workshops in schools, educating the girls about periods, breaking stigma and providing them with their own set of cloth pads. You can read more about this amazing charity on our "About Us" page.

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Eva Stevens
5.0 rating

Great at night and day!

You can wear these with or without disposable pads and they wash well.

November 2, 2021
5.0 rating


They are very good and very comfortable. I wish I found these sooner.

March 16, 2020
5.0 rating

Great product!

I no longer have to buy disposable pads and this reusable pad works excellently, especially for heavier days of my period

May 1, 2019
5.0 rating

It’s very good

I’m surprised how comfortable it was!

September 4, 2018
Galina B.
5.0 rating

Love it

No stains, no leaking, a bit bulky, but comfortable and perfect for the night. I also use this pad for heavy flow during the day sometimes. Wouldn’t recommend wearing tights, but otherwise, a very good pad.

February 2, 2018