Frequently Asked Questions

Which way do I wear my pad?

This will depend on which style of pad you choose. Our budget pads are designed so that the grey side is the side you bleed on, and the coloured side goes against your underwear. With our Sparkle range the cotton print is the side you bleed on, and the black micro fleece goes against your underwear.

The really simple way to know is to look at which side the “Precious Stars” label is sewn on, that will always be the back of the pad.

How many cloth pads will I need?

This will depend on how heavy your flow is, and how often you wish to wash your pads. Some people are happy to wash them every evening, and others just want to do one wash at the end of their cycle.
We recommend you try one of our starter sets to begin with, to get an idea of which pads you like best, and then add to it until you have a number of pads you are happy with (usually around 15-20). Be warned, it can be addictive…

How do I wash the cloth pads?

Please see our Cleaning page for more info on this.

Can I wash cloth pads by hand?

Yes! This will usually reduce the lifespan of the pad a little but is still possible. We would recommend soaking the pads in a bucket of cold water overnight before washing by hand in the sink. This will help to draw out the blood.

For those who are really eco consious, the water can be poured onto your plants (menstrual blood is rich in nutrients which are great for wildlife)!

Where are the pads made?

Our Sparkle pads are manufactured in the UK from materials sourced from UK suppliers. The Budget pads are made in China.

How long will my cloth pads last?

Our Sparkle range of pads is designed to last up to 10 years, whereas our budget range will last around 3-5. Ultimately it will depend on how well you look after them. For example if you handwash your pads they won’t last as long as if you machine wash them, but they will still last you several years.

What is a wet bag?

A wet bag is just a bag that is lined with a waterproof fabric, which is used to store soiled pads until they are washed. Our large wet bags also contain a “dry” pocket at the front which you can use to store clean pads in if you are travelling.