Choosing a menstrual cup

The most common question we get from our customers is “which cup should I buy?”, so we’ve created this page to help you choose the menstrual cup that’s right for you! 

Almost all our cups are ideal for starting out. The important thing is to choose the size you need based on your flow and/or age. For example if you have a heavy flow we would recommend getting a larger cup, even if you are under 30 and haven’t given birth. 

Our favourite starter cups are: Ruby Cup, Lunette and Organicup.

If you have a heavy flow we would recommend getting a larger menstrual cup, as these will have a higher capacity and allow you to wear the cup for longer.

The largest cups we stock are: Meluna XL and Lena cup large. These are both good for heavy flows. 

Young teenagers are typically not sexually active yet so we would always recommend starting small (unless they have a VERY heavy period) to allow them to get used to inserting and removing a menstrual cup.

The best cups for this are: Meluna small classic firmness and Ruby cup Small. 

If you have a sensitive bladder (or weaker pelvic floor muscles) then we would recommend going for a softer cup. A lot of people with this will have problems peeing with a cup in, so using a softer cup will solve this issue. 

The softest cups we stock are the Meluna soft, but the shape of Organicup and Lunette are also good for this too.

People who do a lot of sports will tend to have quite strong pelvic floor muscles (particularly if you do sports such as dance, gymnastics or horse ridding). This means that your muscles will likely crush a softer cup and cause leaking, so we would recommend getting a firmer cup to stop this happening.

The cups we would recommend are: Lena cup and Meluna sport.