Cleaning Information

Cloth pads

There are a couple of ways to clean cloth pads, this is the way we recommend because it’s the easiest:

  • Fold soiled pad in half (do not do up poppers) and place in a large wet bag.

  • Do this until the end of your period (or until you get low on pads), then empty the wet bag into your washing machine and throw the bag in too.

  • Do a cold rinse cycle first , then add some laundry detergent of your choice. Note: if you want to minimise staining then add some oxygen cleaner (like vanish) as well. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER!

  • Put the pads on a long 40ºC wash and air dry them once they are done spinning. We don’t recommend tumble drying them as this can reduce the lifespan of your pads.

Extra tip: It’s a good idea to give your pads an extra rinse at the end of the wash every once in a while. This will help stop a build up of detergent, which may make the pads less absorbent over time.

rainbow cloth pads illustration

Menstrual Cups

With menstrual cups we would always recommend that you check the leaflet that you receive with the cup, as the company will provide you with information on how to clean their particular brand. In general though, when using a menstrual cup you will wash the cup out with water when you remove it, before you reinsert. Then at the end of your cycle you can boil it in a pan for 5 mins to disinfect it, or use one of the sterilising pots we sell in the microwave for the same amount of time. We also sell mini milton sterilising tablets which allow you to sterilise your cup without heat, perfect for travelling.