You might have noticed that reusable menstrual products have been appearing a lot more in the media recently. This is fantastic, and a real sign that people are becoming more and more open to the idea of reusables! But there is one reusable menstrual product that hasn’t been in the spotlight as much…the humble cloth pad. 

cloth menstrual pads


Most of the attention has been on menstrual cups and period underwear, which yes we think are fantastic, that’s why we sell a variety of them in our online store! But we strongly feel that cloth pads deserve a place too for their own reasons.


Menstrual cups

 Menstrual cups are great for those who like internal protection, and particularly for sporty people. I always loved using them when I was dancing as I could forget I was on my period and just focus on what I was doing. Cups are great if you want to forget you’re even on your period, but they aren’t suitable for everyone. Personally I love using a cup from day 3 of my period, but day 1 and 2 are too painful for me to feel comfortable with a cup (in fact they make my cramps worse). There are also a number of religions and cultures where internal products are viewed as taboo, and while there are lots of fabulous people and charities working to break through this, we still have a way to go.


Period Underwear

These are probably the newest addition to the reusable menstrual product club, and a very welcome addition *sending friendly welcoming hugs*. Reusable period underwear has been designed in a very clever way so that you can wear the pants without anything else, thus reducing the bulkiness some people hate. They also look cute and not at all what you would expect when it comes to period underwear! But they do have one major draw back…price. 

One pair of period underwear will set you back around £30, ouch. Also depending on your flow you might need to change them a few times a day, meaning you’d need a decent stash of these to get through your cycle. Plus if your wearing trousers you’ll need to take off the trousers, take off the underwear, put new underwear on and then put the trousers back on. Bit of a faff personally.

However I will say that I LOVE to use period underwear overnight, as it’s virtually impossible to leak through them (depending on brand).       



Cloth pads fall somewhere in the middle of these two. Like period underwear they are a form of external protection, but unlike the underwear they can be changed easily and are more affordable to get started with (you can get around 5 of our sparkle cloth pads for the price of one period pant). The cloth pads also fold up into a compact square which is easy to carry in your bag as a spare, and don’t take up a lot of room. 

Menstrual cups are similar to cloth pads in that they both last around 10 years, and are relatively affordable. They do have a learning curve though, and are not 100% foolproof even if you’ve been using them for a while (as I learnt just the other week)! Cloth pads are very easy to get to grips with and its pretty hard to mess up with them, although I’m sure its possible too. As long as you wear them the right way up you’ll be fine. 


So as you can see there are pros and cons to all the reusable menstrual products, but I do feel pads should get more of a mention in the media. Aside from being affordable and easy to use, they also come in loads of cute patterns that can make your period, dare I say it, stylish…?! 


written by Bryony

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