In early September we learned that our founder Bryony had been shortlisted as a finalist in two categories for the Best Business Women Awards. The categories were: Best Young Entrepreneur and Most Inspiring Business Woman. There were over 700 applicants to the awards, and we are delighted to announce that she made it to the top and won Best Young Entrepreneur 2018!   

Best young entrepreneur award

We’re so proud of her for winning this award, recognising all the work she has put into growing Precious Stars over the last 5 years. At only 21 years old we know she truly deserved it! Here is what Bryony said about winning the award:


“I am absolutely over the moon to win this award! The last few years have been tough with balancing my health needs, running a Youtube channel and growing a business, so to win an award like this makes all the stress worth it. My hope is that other young girls/women will see what I’ve done and realise that they are capable of achieving these things too, with hard work and perseverance.” 


We look forward to seeing all the work she will continue to do in the future! In the mean time you will see we now have the honour of displaying the winner’s badge on our site in the sidebar. 

One thought on “Best Business Women Awards, we won!”

  • I am so happy for Bryony and her team! You definitely deserve this award and so much more! Bryony has achieved so much considering she’s only 21, and she inspires me so much to care about my health and the environment.

    I started using a menstrual cup 2 cycles ago (I am 15) after seeing your channel a few years ago before I even had my period because I though it sounded like such a convenient way to deal with my periods and I loved the idea of not putting disposable products into the landfill/oceans.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of reusable menstrual products and investing so much time into your Youtube channel to educate people. You really are an inspiration to me and my other friends here in New Zealand

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