One of the most common questions from people who’ve just started out with cloth pads and menstrual cups is “How do you clean them when travelling?”. It’s actually not as tricky as some people might think, so here are our top tips for using reusables when travelling… 

Menstrual cups

With menstrual cups this is not so much of an issue, as they just need to be washed under the tap and then sterilised before your next period. If you’re only going away for a week or two you don’t need to worry, just use the cup as normal and then sterilise it when you get back home. However if you are going to be away for a few months and anticipate that you will have multiple periods, you will need to sterilise it while away from home. By far the easiest way we would recommend is to take some mini sterilising tablets (we stock the Milton mini tablets on our “menstrual cup accessories” page). These just need to be dissolved in a bowl of water with the menstrual cup, and then left for 15mins- 24h. Easy peasy! 

The other option if you know you will have a microwave, is to boil the cup in a mug. This is also very easy. Simply fill a mug or cup with water and then submerge your menstrual cup (making sure its completely covered with water). Place in the microwave on the highest setting for around 5 minutes. Voila, you’ve sterilised your menstrual cup! 

Cloth pads

Cloth pads require a little more work when travelling, but are still easy to use. Again if you are only going for a week or two, we’d recommend using the pads like normal and storing them in one of our travel wet bags until you get back home. Then put them in the washing machine like normal.

If you are going to be travelling for some time and will need to wash your pads while away, then you may need to hand wash them. Use the pads as you usually would until the end of your period. Then rinse out each pad under the tap until the water runs clear. If you’re keen to avoid staining then it would be worth taking a stain remover with you that you can rub onto the pad, leave for a few minutes, and then rinse off again. Hang to dry over a shower rail, or if you’re somewhere sunny with a balcony, lie them out on the table to dry in the sun (a natural stain remover).


As you can see it is absolutely possible to still have comfortable and eco friendly periods when travelling, it just requires a little bit of thinking beforehand!  

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