A lot of people starting out with cloth pads have problems with them shifting around in their underwear. This is a surprising common issue, but also (fortunately) one of the easiest to solve!

Why do cloth pads shift?

Cloth pads are made from fabric which is a bit heavier than disposable pads, its also what makes them so soft and comfy! However, this bit of extra weight means that if you have underwear a little on the loose side, the cloth pad wont sit right up against you’re vulva and instead will move around a bit when you walk. This is what causes the pads to “shift”. 

How do I stop it?

Very easy! There are two option for solving this issue:

1. Buy snug fitting underwear that will hold the cloth pad in place.

2. Wear two pairs of underwear at the same time! Trust us, this works! Snap the cloth pad around the gusset of your first pair of knickers (like usual), then simply pull another pair of knickers over the top to hold it in place. Voila!

So even though this is a common problem for people new to using reusable cloth pads, as you can see it’s really not an issue at all. Happy Periods! 

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