Reusable period products have gained a lot of momentum recently.

With the COVID-19 outbreak meaning that disposables are not so readily available, more people than ever are willing to give reusable period products a try. So, we thought we’d put together a guide to help out those that are new to the reusable period products party.

Lets start with menstrual cups. 

– What is the best starter cup?  We would recommend the Organicup – it is of medium firmness, very soft silicone and with 2 different sizes for different levels of flow. Lunette is another good starter cup, available in 2 sizes – Model 1 for lighter flow/people who are yet to have children, and Model 2 for heavier flow/people who have had children. We have linked to these cups below.

– They are really easy to wash and clean. Simply take them out using the stem on the base of the cup and clean them out in your bathroom sink. Make sure you sterilise your cup between periods  (particularly with w COVID-19 about!), boiling water does the trick but you can also use the milton sterilising tablets we sell on our site.

– One big worry of new menstrual cup users is the process of getting the cup in. There are different types of folds that you can try out that can make putting it in a bit easier. Check out Precious Stars founder Bryony’s video on different folds linked at the bottom of this article for more info.

– Can you exercise with a cup in? Yes! You can also get specialised ‘sports’ menstrual cups. We recommend the Meluna “sport” cup. – Shop menstrual cups 

 Now, onto cloth pads.

– It’s a common worry that reusable sanitary wear, specifically cloth pads, will smell. Please rest assured that they do not! Cloth pads don’t contain the chemicals that disposables do, which react with the blood to produce an odour. Therefore cloth pads = no smell!  

– Where do you store used pads throughout the day? We sell wet bags in which the used pads can be stored. These hold your cloth pads and look pretty darn cute too! 

– You don’t need to rinse out our pads – you can store the pads in your wet bag and throw them in the washing machine at the end of the day/cycle, then hang them out to dry.

– Reusable cloth pads are NOT bulky. Our pads are comfy, slim and soft – we promise!

– The prints are also fabulous. It’s like a party in your panties! – Shop cloth pads

Periods don’t stop just ‘cos there is a pandemic! 

We’re still here, but shipping may take slightly longer than usual.

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