How We Started

Precious Stars was started by our CEO Bryony in 2013. At the time she was just 15 and housebound with Lyme disease (although she didn’t have this diagnosis at the time). It was then she first started using reusable menstrual products, after discovering that disposable pads and tampons were really uncomfortable when you’re stuck in bed all day.

After using cloth pads and realising how much better they were, she decided to start her own business making and selling them. At the same time as this she started a YouTube channel to help raise awareness of these other options, because she knew that many people lacked the knowledge these products even existed.

The business started with a sewing machine on her parents dining room table, and a camera set up in the spare bedroom. Today we have two factories producing our pads, a YouTube channel with over 135,000 subscribers, and wonderful customers all over the world. Needless to say we’ve been busy!

Our aim is to make periods as fun and eco friendly as possible for everyone that menstruates. As well as our amazing range of cloth pads, we also stock wet bags and other accessories, so you can find everything you need to start your eco-friendly period journey right here.


Our 1% Pledge

When Precious Stars was founded, Bryony knew she didn’t just want it to sell reusable menstrual products (even as life changing as they are!), she also wanted to make sure we were giving back to our community and the planet in some way. The problem was figuring out how to do this effectively as a small business without big profit margins.That’s where our 1% pledge comes in…

Every month we give 1% of our total sales (yes sales, not profit) to an amazing charity called Empowerment Collective. 1% is an amount that’s sustainable for us as a small business to commit to giving each month, and Empowerment Collective is a small charity which means they can really feel the benefit of this income. The best part is, the more our customers buy, the more we’re able to give! 

The charity is based in Nepal and run by an incredible lady called Nasreen. At the age of around 16 she founded a local fair-trade store called Local Women’s Handicrafts, after escaping a forced marriage and surviving being a child labourer in a sweat shop. 

Empowerment Collective is her charity which helps other women escaping violence, and gives them a safe space to live and work. They train all the women in entrepreneurial skills, and other job skill sets, so that when the women leave they can be independent earners.

The empowerment centres where the women stay are all run on solar power, and the women are given free biogas to cook with. They also have their own organic garden where the women can grow their own food. Everything has a focus on protecting the environment, and is another reason we love this charity so much. 

As well as all that, they also offer one day workshops in the local community on menstrual health. In Nepal menstruation is seen as a massive taboo, and Empowerment Collective aims to break this. At the workshop women and girls learn all about why periods happen, and are also given a set of cloth pads to take home. This is particularly useful for school girls, who often miss days of school due to lack of protection. 

If you want to learn more about this fabulous charity please visit their website here