How we started

Here is a message from our Founder: 

“Hello! My name is Bryony, and I’m the Managing Director of Precious Stars. I first started using reusable menstrual products after becoming very ill with Lyme disease at 15. At that point in time I was virtually bed bound, and using disposable pads and tampons was just miserable! It was at then I discovered cloth pads and menstrual cups, and the rest is history…  

Precious Stars started after I found a few videos on Youtube talking about the products. After trying the pads and cups out myself (and realising they were life changing!) I started my own Youtube channel (Precious Stars Pads) which I used to share info on the products, as well as some tips and tricks. It was at this point that I started making cloth pads myself.

Over time my channel grew and today has 100,000+ subscribers. As demand for the reusable pads increased, I’ve gone from making them on my parents’ dining room table (sorry mum and dad), to today having them manufactured in the UK and China, and shipping all over the world. As well as cloth pads, we now stock a range of menstrual cups (moon cups) and other wonderful reusable products and accessories, so that you can find everything you need to start your journey right here.      

Happy Periods!”

Bryony Farmer- Precious Stars

Who we've worked with

Over the years Bryony has worked with a number of businesses and charities. From helping new menstrual cup companies to perfect their design, to giving advice about period tracker apps, she has a lot of experience working with the products we sell. Here are some of the projects worked on so far:

Lena Cup

Helped with the design process and tested the first prototypes.Also collaborated on a limited edition Lena x Bree cup (Bree was Bryony’s nickname).


We’ve done lot of things with Ruby cup, including producing a video together promoting Ruby cup’s Buy one Give one scheme. 

City to Sea

Produced a video for City to Sea raising awareness about how the plastic in disposable pads and tampons is damaging to the environment.

Clue Period app

Reviewed the app and offered advice about some of the features. This app also allows you to record what products you used on your period and has a menstrual cup option. 

Fun Cup

Reviewed the Fun Factory’s new Fun Cup and offered advice on how to perfect the design. 


Tested and advised on the design of the new pads. These products have to be tough and work in hot weather.

Why switch to our products?

There are many reasons why people switch to reusable menstrual products, take a look at our diagram to see some of them…